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Listening and speaking

 01 What's your name?
 02 What's your name?
 03 The numbers
 04 ????The colours
 05 The colour monster
 06 What colour is it?

English year 1
English year 2
English year 3
English year 4
English Tenses
Simple Present Tense
Simple Past Tense
????Present Perfect
Past Perfect
Simple Future
Future Perfect
Continuous Tenses
????Present Continuous
Past Continuous
????Present Perfect Progr.
Past Perfect Continuous
Simple Future Continuous
Future 2 Continuous
Comparison of Tenses
Active Passive exercises
If clauses - Conditional
????Reported Speech

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Reading and Listening exercises



English listening and reading Exercises


 01 What's your name? Reading and listening exercises
 02 What's your name? Reading and listening exercises
 03 ????The numbers Reading and listening exercises
 04 The colours
 05 The colour monster
 10 What colour is it?

English Tenses exercises
Simple Present Tense
Simple Past Tense
Present Perfect
Past Perfect
Simple Future - Will Future
Continuous Tenses
Comparison of Tenses
Active and Passive Voice
If clauses - conditionals
Reported Speech

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English listening and speaking

Learn to improve the ability of listening, speaking, reading. Listening speaking reading and writing skills of english language. How to improve your language skills through listening and reading. Learning activities that have been specially designed to improve language skills as reading and writing simultaneously. English language teaching materials.


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